Infront 8.2.109

New features

  • Click Trading: Added shortcut for Gap mode commands (Ctrl+1,2,3)
  • FX Cross table: Copy result text if input field has focus

Improvements to existing features

  • Orderbook: Hide headings not persisted correctly [#49260]
  • FX Cross table: Calculated value should be shown in full (no k or m abbreviations)
  • Click Trader: Mouse-wheel scrolling should not reset with new trade [#49040]
  • Click Trader: Should not reset scrolling with new high/low trade [#49040]
  • Charts: Share links with charted P/E BUG
  • Charts: Low visibility on order/trade trade points
  • Charts: Incorrect chart US NSQ before opening (adjusted)
  • Charts: Currency conversion issue [#49313]