Infront 8.2.106

Improvements to existing features

  • IR Swap: no values after load from workspace
  • Charts: Funds, instrument naming (compare ticker)
  • Charts: Target currency issues: GBX issue, drop-down length
  • Charts: Tick-by-tick charts should have a hard limit for max number of points (32000)
  • Charts: Origin line, only negative movement, it shows green not red [#46078]
  • Click Trading: Gap above best bid should be rounded [#46314]
  • Click Trading: Blank levels outside orderbook should not be orange [#46314]
  • Market: Issuers not populated if workspace saved on List page [#43188]
  • Market: Issuers population, performance issues
  • Symbol News: Revert All setting back to 1 month for persisted workspaces
  • Orderbook: Allow gap mode with simulated tick size [#46314]
  • Top investor: No longer require realtime access for the quote feed [#46145]