Infront 8.2.10

Improvements to existing features

  • Order book: Do not show parent orders
  • Portfolio Tracker: Cash should be included in Invested column
  • Symbol Overview: Changing symbol does not update data in all pages [#43868]
  • Symbol Overview: Linking is not working for /Broker /Fragmentation /Venues & Categories
  • Symbol Trades: Wrong order when loaded from workspace [#44276]
  • MBO orderbooks: Support sorting by timestamp [#42680]
  • Trading: Order status strings translated even if English is selected [#43797]
  • Click Trading: Position incorrectly shows 0 Volume [#41811]
  • Correlation Matrix not working for market JOS
  • Portfolio Tracker: Delete unpacked fund
  • Colouring issue in Trades: fix icons colors, fix grid text in light skin, fix grid cell borders