Infront 8.0.831

New features

  • New setting to make user credentials storage optional
  • Portfolio Tracker: Being able to copy a portfolio as save it with other name
  • Portfolio Tracker: Being able to rename portfolios

Improvements to existing features

  • Today's line in History table should not include simulated Last value (PrevClose)
  • Heikin Ashi display in terminal incorrect
  • Saving the portfolio as a new name : AV in THolding.MarketValue
  • Minor fix to remember-password GUI
  • Trades list : large volumes convention
  • Trade List : Previous day trades
  • NaN or invalid date: Division by zero in TMarketCalendarAlert.ConditionString
  • Portfolio Tracker: better portfolio overwrite message
  • FX Forwards improvements
  • Oslo Bonds: Missing Bidsize/Asksize in orderbook
  • Chart bug when sharing
  • Bar chart: Can no longer double-click on index symbol bar to get index constituents
  • Portfolio Tracker: Cash, PE, etc. not taken into account in the "In Portfolio" calculation
  • United Kingdom: Not possible to change target currency in charts
  • White theme: Wrong color in auction chart
  • Misc unpack funds adjustments
  • Chart: wrong left-axis for compare chart