Infront 7.1.401

New features

  • Research news support
  • Trading: Modify Order: Fixed Gross price
  • Trading: Orders: New ADV% column
  • Trading: Support Activate Once
  • Parent Orders: Send wave feature
  • Parent Orders: Sending multi orders
  • Parent Orders: Modify Parent Orders
  • Parent Orders: Net Trades based on Parent orders
  • Parent Orders: Support importing all orders into Basket Trading as parent orders
  • Parent Orders - Algo Waves: Set Limit on first non-mandatory price field (if there are no mandatory price fields)
  • Rolling Contracts: Misc Fixes

Improvements to existing features

  • Click Trading: Portfolio position not always updated
  • Click Trading: Workaround for when ExchangeID is missing from Portfolio C/S
  • Click Trading: Change symbol -> blank position
  • Click Trading: Refresh portfolio -> blank position
  • Parent Orders: AvgPrice fix
  • Program Trading: Double-click uses wrong order
  • Program Trading: After a wave is sent, doubleclicking on a child order brings up modify window for all active child orders
  • Program Trading: Allow resizing lower detail-orders pane with splitter
  • Symbol Overview: NaN change displayed as "NANk%", Case #18420
  • Funds: Time column shows wrong date
  • Chart Events: Flickering: The News and Research Indicators get wider and thinner