Infront 7.1.307

New features

  • New market columns for volume and turnover for previous day
  • Added font size support for heatmap including controlling font size by mouse wheel

Improvements to existing features

  • Fx Forwards - Only include feeds that have valid FxForwards-feed assigned
  • Fx Forwards - Include Underlying ticker as available column for FX feeds
  • Fx Forwards - Re-evaluate search feed to use when changing feed, use from Fwds feed
  • Fx Forwards - Fixed Instabilities and memory management issues
  • Money Market - Some tenors missing from IRS EUR window
  • Money Market - Display Copy RTD from right click
  • Heatmap - F11 state not persisted properly
  • Heatmap - Improved ordering and contents of labels
  • Heatmap - Fixed calculation error in RangeTrackBar zero snapping
  • Heatmap - Fiter out unreadable text
  • Heatmap - Hint window disappears or wrong size if outside screen
  • Heatmap - Cloning does not respect the state of Show/Hide
  • History: Dividends should be applied even if prev day was zero
  • Calendar: Charts should be available even if time is missing
  • Mail to support: Delete old .DMP and Ontrade.EST files
  • Market / Custom List: Edit | Open as Excel sheet in right-click menu
  • Custom List: RTD link as displayed on the grid + Sorting issue
  • RTD links: Support "FEED:TICKER" syntax in one cell
  • Misc - Font size not persisted in story win
  • Misc - Ignore font color setting in color font setup dialog
  • Default font not properly initialized in story window
  • Remove VWAP (need to check formula)
  • Yield curve charts: Missing Time-Ago
  • Put/ Call Window - Range