Infront 7.1.213

New features

  • Custom list: Automatic CSV import
  • Show progress when fetching desktops
  • Twitter proxy settings: Improve proxy detection
  • Automatic trading logout after X minutes of inactivity: Settings

Improvements to existing features

  • Market window: Cannot find symbols on BATE if MTF-search is off
  • Market Overview - % of shares traded chart bug
  • Chart: Technical indicators H-Lines bug
  • News Windows: Display headline instead of reference
  • Trade outside spread colouring
  • Trading: Inline price change, Loses focus
  • Market window: Can not search with øæå in "Type to search"
  • Curve charts - improvements
  • IRS for EUR, sorted of maturity codes wrong, use TenorDays
  • Treasury IRS: Filter out 30-days symbols
  • Bugs with the desktop loading progress dialog - only creating if actually downloading desktops or screens
  • Bar/Yield chart: Does not handle NaN %Change
  • Updated chart template for marketpages hist chart