Infront 7.1.211

New features

  • Symbol Overview: Add fields to Funds Info section (Details page)
  • FX Forwards: Cross-calculation now uses USD crosses
  • When not able to connect: Ask about sending mail to support
  • Separate columns with MIC and Operating MIC
  • Trading: Setting for automatic portfolio refresh
  • Charts: Support Net Asset Value for historical charts (Funds)
  • Historical prices: New columns: NAV, Official Close, Open Interest
  • SIX Migration: Automatic resizing when loading desktop
  • SIX Migration - Compact Company Overview
  • SIX Index weights: New Index Power column

Improvements to existing features

  • Fixed crash / leak in Market-selector dialog and SME tree view
  • Fixed memory-leak in grouping when lists change
  • Log exceptions by default during restart of application
  • Historical prices: Remove the Auction fields
  • Fix Help Link for Search window
  • Edge RTD link conversion: Improvements
  • Trading, Delete Order: Include tag with customer reference
  • Fix: Compare chart issue
  • Fund: Displaying Date in Time field
  • Consolidated orderbook: At Market not sorted correctly (Ask side)
  • Advanced Settings: Minor improvements to labels
  • Total gains today summary: Sometimes empty
  • Click Trading: Increase scrolling speed of mouse wheel