Infront 7.0.43

Improvements to existing features

  • Trading Portfolio: Today's Gain/Loss wrong when switching between long and short
  • Trading: Allow drag-n-drop of symbol to any page trigger new order
  • Search on consolidated feed: found symbols from unconsolidated feed
  • Fund screener: Limit the fields that free-text search is applied to
  • Fund screener: Sort on rating should be from best to worst
  • Fund screener: Available Combo drop-down values don't respect selected rating properly
  • Fund screener: Default sorting improvement
  • Fund screener: Double click on sorted ISIN column to go back to default (rank) sorting
  • Mixed News window: AllowFlashNewsCopy on news feed does not have effect
  • News List: Copy to clipboard off-by-one in split-view grid
  • Custom list news does not work properly