Infront 6.3.50

New features

  • Add new column to display netchange based on YLAST and YYLAST
  • News: Support name mapping of file-based news logos to light theme
  • Active Trader: VWAP Calculator
  • Active Trader: Set default account for a market
  • Active Trader: Hint panel in new order entry window when there is a logical symbol status
  • Active Trader: Change price with mouse scroll
  • Warn and merge duplicated accounts when allocating
  • Search for allocation portfolio by typing
  • Fund Overview from fund right click menu for ETFs
  • Fund overview: Allow for all funds, UseInFundOverview marking not needed
  • Trading: Drag-n-drop symbol to Orders page to create new order
  • Market cap for LSE instruments should always be in GBP, not GBX
  • Add bid/ask columns to Portfolio tab view
  • New columns added (subject to availability on each feed): PrVolADV30, EMA10VsLast, ChangeVsIndex, AuctionChange, YestChange, YestPrChange

Improvements to existing features

  • Bar chart does not update as expected
  • New Order: Should not display consolidated orderbook when it is not available
  • Export symbol data from custom list creates csv files without feed number
  • Order entry: Wrong NOII color during opening auction