Infront 6.1.32

New features

  • Select symbols - in custom list and market window
  • Support new yield and spread fields
  • Add trading branding
  • New support button in main menu, new support page
  • Bond overview: Spread for life
  • Bonds calculator: Years to Maturity
  • Custom list 'add new': add bonds search

Improvements to existing features

  • Bonds Calc: do not show discount margin for fixed bonds
  • Search bar does not close when empty and user click outside search bar
  • Ctrl+F search: symbols with no type
  • Filters in Trading window not persisted
  • Symbols are saved to composite list without user saving list or workspace
  • R +/- value in chart should be more accurat if user not zooming but selecting period
  • Bonds Calc: Next call showing wrong at price
  • Add new study: Double key-input
  • Total Return columns do not have values in Custom list before columns are added in market
  • RTD links stop updating after opening chain