Infront 6.1.27

New features

  • Trade ticker & trade list: Trade colouring
  • Main menu: add bonds and funds search under Discover
  • Trading: Add linking functionality to all tabs
  • Click Trading: Settings for hiding buttons
  • Move "add to list" functionality from search bar in window to "Add" field
  • Fund Overview: display currency adjustments

Improvements to existing features

  • Charts: Optimize drawing of news indicators
  • Charts: Delay updating realtime changes
  • Charts: Minor optimizations of Standard Deviation (SD) analysis
  • Charts: Limit 90-days period in chart in terminal
  • Bond Overview: Missing day count convention
  • Bond Overview, Analyze: small adjustments
  • Bond Overview: Minor hint and heading text changes
  • Bond Overview: Consolidate coupon information
  • Bond Calc: server logging in terminal
  • Bond Calc: current coupon
  • Search: Non-visible symbols must be "clickable"
  • Get Save Desktop prompt even if workspace has just been saved
  • Remove scroll bar arrows in browser window (MyProfile, welcome page)
  • Broker stats display only 2 decimals although market is configured with 3
  • Font installation issues: Consider using application-private fonts
  • RSS feeds end up under wrong "country" [INC ID# 039717
  • Lock minimum size on Edit News Alert window.