Infront 6.1.19

New features

  • Symbol Trades: Keep filter when switching between linked symbols
  • Order book docked in Symbol Overview
  • Highlight Partial Fills
  • Highlight new order in orders window

Improvements to existing features

  • Turnover column in Ranking tab in market window does not update
  • Chart: Division by zero, corrupt history cache file
  • Swedish language in Order Entry Window when English is set as language in preferences
  • Swap curve chain name not shown for fixed bonds
  • Swap curves - show last valid where Last is not available
  • Calculate and display i-spread and new Versus
  • Show Tenor as label in Swap Rate Curve chart
  • Bonds search window: new button 'Open in Custom list'
  • Setup linking from Bonds search window to Bond Overview
  • Analyze: Swap curve display
  • Calculate and display i-spread and new Versus
  • Bonds Calc: Do not run yield calculation on real-time symbol updates
  • Analyze: Amount: k and m input should be supported for Face Value
  • Call bonds calculation To: Next Call by default
  • Bonds calc: Where Cpn Freq = 0, use 1 by default if current coupon is NOT 0