Infront 6.0.28

Improvements to existing features

  • Scrollbars and Page control tabs have dark blue 1 bg color instead of dark blue 2
  • Column popup menu caption has black text on dark blue background
  • Popup menu for desktop tabs have blue icons (instead of white)
  • Painting issue in market window with dual scroll bars
  • Annotation setup not skinned
  • Paint issue in grids: Should not draw a divider in the first header cell
  • Wrong colored glyphs in select columns dlg
  • GO page: Regions spaced out too much vertically on high-res monitor
  • Change colour of populated mandatory field
  • Chart: Brighter colors on event markers
  • Select columns dialog no longer resizable
  • Symbol widgets cleared if user login fails
  • Clock widgets disappear - storage issue
  • Symbol color (mkt window) issue