What trading functionality is available in the Infront terminal?

Infront trading solutions are implemented at numerous banks and brokerages around the world, enabling them to deliver cost-effective electronic trading services to their customers. Building on their existing infrastructure, powerful trading features in the Infront terminal and Infront Connect allow brokers to support trading at levels from retail users to advanced professional traders.


General trading features

Trading feature Description Benefit
Secure login to trading A separate login is required to trade from the Infront terminal. Once logged in, you will have a secure connection to your broker or trading network. Increased security.
Multiple asset classes The Infront terminal can be set up to trade on any asset class, including equities, derivatives, FX, CFDs, fixed income, commodities, OTC instruments and more. Trade multiple asset classes from a single solution.
Multiple venues The Infront terminal can be set up to trade on multiple trading venues, including exchanges, OTC venues, MTFs, RFQs and more. Trade on multiple venues from a single platform.
RFQ (Request for Quote) RSP trading is an RFQ service (off-book) which is an alternative way of executing orders (on-book). Best execution, single fills, speed of execution and cost-effective alternative.
Entering orders on Infront Symbol Dictionary Orders can be placed on data from the Infront Symbol dictionary in the Infront terminal. Trade on more markets.
Mono-broker functionality The Infront terminal can be connected directly to a brokers trading infrastructure via FIX or an open API. Trade via a single broker's exchange membership.
Multi-broker functionality The Infront terminal can be used as a multi-broker terminal, connected to the UL NET trading network from ULLINK. Order routing to about 600 brokers on the UL NET NYFIX network.
Limits and order validation Using the Infront FIX trading gateway, order validation can be used to calculate portfolio margin and manage net-value limits – including Trading Power, Shorting and Credit Limits. Depending on trading accounts, all limits and validation can be performed by the broker.
Trading preferences in front-end Set preferences for the behavior and appearance of trading windows, as well as for standard portfolios, volumes, values, order types, limits and more can be set easily in the Infront terminal. Get full control over trading preferences without involving technical resources.
Trading keyboard shortcuts The Infront terminal allows important trading functions to be performed using keyboard shortcuts. Faster execution of common trading actions.
Trading via Infront Mobile Infront users can use their Infront login to access trading, portfolio(s), active orders and trades via Infront Mobile Apps. Access to trading via the terminal and on mobile devices with a single login.
Click trading The Click Trading Window allows you to enter an order with a click of the mouse. You can modify the order using drag-and-drop and can set pre-defined conditions, volumes and behavior. Rapidly place, modify and cancel orders with one click of a mouse.
Basket trading The Infront terminal allows you to import a list orders on various instruments as a basket, or to define a basket manually. Set pre-defined templates for uploading baskets via Excel. Manage basket orders more easily.
Order Monitor All orders and trades sent via an Infront trading gateway can be monitored in real-time and viewed by a user. Follow the entire order and trade flow from all users. Access and manage the user portfolio directly from any monitored order.
Account Monitor Compliance function for monitoring all validated accounts in the Infront FIX trading solution. The accounts can be sorted by trading power to find out which accounts require attention.
Display of intraday and historical trades The Infront terminal lets a user view intraday and historical trades. Maintain a complete overview of intraday and historical trading activity.
Trading status window The Infront terminal includes a Trading Status Window displaying all orders, trades, net trades and available portfolio(s). Maintain a real-time overview of trading activity and performance.


Supported order types

Trading feature Description Benefit
Single limit orders Single limit orders can be entered from any Market or Composite Window in the Infront terminal. Quickly and easily place single limit orders.
Orders with instructions Order instructions can be specified in the Infront terminal for Care Orders sent to a third party. Maintain complete control over order execution.
Parent/child orders An order can be easily split into parent and child orders, and order status can be viewed in the Order Status Window in the Infront terminal. Maintain complete control over order execution.
Slicing of orders The Infront terminal allows you to slice an order across various portfolios/accounts or brokers and specify the amount per order. Get increased control over order execution across portfolios and brokers.
Conditional orders When entering an order, you can specify conditions such as stop-loss, trailing stop-loss and other variables. Get increased control over order execution.
Algorithmic and conditional orders The Infront terminal supports full implementation of algorithms or strategies provided by a broker.  Execute orders based on broker algorithms / strategies.