Is it possible to translate the Infront terminal user interface into another language?

Yes! While the Infront terminal is delivered in English by default, it is possible to translate the user interface into any other language supported by Microsoft Windows.  This guide explains how to do it.

Getting Started

The Infront terminal is delivered in English by default. It can however be translated in to any other language as long as this is supported by Microsoft Windows. A file containing approximately 3000 words and phrases must be translated. Estimated time usage is 3 effective working days including testing. It is very important that the person that does the translation have a good knowledge about the financial equity markets and order entry.

Required Software

In order to translate, the translator must install a program called poEdit (or similar text editor program) and translate a file called default.po.

Translating the Infront terminal UI: Step-by-Step

The following procedure must be followed in order to translate the Infront terminal UI:

Step 1: Install the Infront terminal

Make sure that the Infront terminal is installed on the PC where the translation work will be done.