Why does the Infront Professional Terminal keep asking me for Trading login?


You want to place an order, either via New Order book or Click trading but the Infront Professional Terminal keep asking you for Trading login. To avoid this, follow the instructions below:


Step 1: Click on the Main menu (three stripes in the upper left corner of the desktop).


Step 2: Click on Tools → Trading → Open the Trading window.

The Trading window is the main window for trading where you will have full overview of all your orders, trades and portfolios you have access to.


Step 3: Once you have opened the Trading window, you must select your Trading service, then type in your login information. This information is found in the email you received from your broker. If you do not have such information, please contact your broker.


Step 4: As long as you have the Trading window open, while placing orders, you will not be asked to login on your Trading service. Thus, you will be able to place orders even faster.


Note: You can also log in on your trading service via New Order window or Click-trading. However, everytime you close one of the windows, you need to log in again.