How do I save my workspace?

After you have created your workspace and are happy with its layout, you probably want to save it. To do so, follow the steps below:


Step 1: Click on the Settings menu (the three dots to the upper right of your desktop). Then click on Workspace.


Step 2: Once you have clicked on Workspace, you will get several options. You can click on Save and your workspace will be saved as a regular desktop in your terminal. Alternatively, you can click on “Save as default”. This way, every time you open the Infront Professional Terminal, the workspace will open as first page by default.


Step 3: The third way to save your workspace, is to save it locally on you computer. To do so, click on “Save As..” under Workspace. Create a name for your workspace and click on “Save”.


Step 4: A quick way to save your workspace is to click on “Save Workspace” in the lower left corner of your desktop.