Solutions for market data managers

Optimizing market data costs is always at the top of market data managers' to-do lists. Infront provides global market data to many user types in your organization, at a fraction of the cost of leading financial terminals.  Browser-based administration tools, flexible real-time permissioning and open integrations help you get critical market data to the right users, at the right cost.


Optimize market data costs in real-time

Manage market data access in real-time for all of your users with easy-to-use, browser-based user administration tools. Create new Infront terminal users, assign and revoke access to data and get a clear picture of who is using what – and what it’s costing you. Enable (or prevent) your users from ordering new data packages and set up approval processes to ensure to maintain control over costs.

Share and control your proprietary content

It’s never been easier to share your own proprietary news, research, market prices and more with your clients or internal users via Infront.  With Infront’s browser-based admin tools, you can provide access to your content at a user or company level and set approval processes to ensure you know who has access.


Integrate with existing systems

Infront user administration tools can be integrated with other market data management solutions, giving you even better control over costs on a user, group and company level with your organization.