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Infront provides you with the latest market moving news from our own news agencies and other leading news providers. Access press releases, news flashes, breaking stories and social media.

With Infront news offering, you can easily find the news that matters to you with filters and full-text search. Customize views to suit your focus, and get alerted when important events happen so you always stay on top of the latest stories.

Selection of available financial new sources

ABM Financial News

ABM Financial News covers all listed companies in Belgium and the Netherlands and blue chips worldwide.


ABM Financial News is a supplier of economic and stock market news, video and data, and is renowned for their real-time headlines on macroeconomic and equities news. ABM Financial News has dedicated editorial teams in Amsterdam and Brussels.

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Alliance News UK Professional

Alliance News Professional covers every London-listed company, including AIM stocks and investment trusts.


Alliance News Professional covers every London-listed company, including AIM stocks and investment trusts. The news package includes top UK and global economic, political and general news, reporting on influential global blue chips, and commentary on the foreign exchange and commodities markets as well.

  • economic news
  • political news
  • global blue chips
  • FX
  • commodities
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AWP Premium Global (German)

Available in: Switzerland


The AWP Premium Global packages provide you with more extensive information.


  • Coverage of DAX and MDAX
  • News about global blue chips
  • Relevant financial analyses concerning blue chips
  • Previews of the financial statements of companies

Macro economy and economic policy

  • Economic policy
  • Decisions of the Central Bank
  • Markets
  • Bond reports about individual stocks
  • Eurex coverage
  • Daily reports about New York, Frankfurt, Europe, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vienna, Moscow, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw and Latin America


  • Morning and midday briefing
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AWP Premium Schweiz (German)

Available in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands


AWP Premium Switzerland is the indispensable news service for specialised finance professionals. From trade opening in Asia to exchange closing in New York, AWP Premium Switzerlanddelivers all relevant facts and figures from Switzerland.


News about:

  • all SMI and SPI companies
  • shares traded ex-pit
  • small and medium-sized companies
  • non-listed companies

Macro economy and economic policy

  • Decision makers of the SNB
  • Resolutions by the Swiss Federal Council an Parliament
  • Economic forecasts
  • Regional index figures
  • Regulation
  • Opinions of associations
  • Economic indicators


  • Five daily reports about virt-x/SWX
  • Bonds reports
  • Exchange rate reports
  • Market rumours once a day
  • Continuous reports about individual stocks
  • Management transactions
  • Commodities reports
  • Headline news about stock ex change events


  • Emissions of CHF bonds
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Background reports
  • Information about events
  • Information concerning warrants on Swiss bonds which have just been issued
  • Analyses of the press
  • Appointment calendar
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Dow Jones Bourse Professional (French)

Available in: Belgium, France, the Netherlands


Dow Jones Bourse Professional is a realtime, international financial news service in French for market professionals and their customers. A specialized team of reporters and editors provide detailed coverage of trading on the Euronext Paris market. Dow Jones Bourse professional

  • Includes expert translations of reports on the action in all major financial markets
  • Covers all asset classes, including foreign exchange, fixed income and equities including news on around 400 leading French companies plus major international corporations
  • With Dow Jones Newswires‘ rich coding, you can monitor DJ Bourse by subject, industry and/or individual company
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Dow Jones Commodities News (English)

Available in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the
Netherlands, Switzerland


Nonferrous and precious metals in English ‚Dow Jones Commodity News‘ supplies preliminary, progress and final reports of the crucial international nonferrous and precious metal exchanges, news about international commodity and metal markets, inventories and fixings.

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Dow Jones FX Trade (German)

Available in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the
Netherlands, Switzerland


Is what happens in the international foreign exchange markets of utmost importance to you because you have to respond promptly to fluctuations in individual exchange rates? Then this German-language foreign exchange rate service from Dow Jones is your means of obtaining valuable information. Dow Jones FX Trade contains:

  • Assessments of central banks
  • Brief and quick market reports about the major lead currencies such as US dollar, euro, yen and British pound as well as additional currencies of international importance such as the Polish zloty, the South African rand and the Chinese yuan
  • Market rumours
  • Opinions of traders and analysts
  • News about moratoriums on purchases and sales, option barriers and pivot points News about the most important economic data
  • News about technical analyses and all important currency pairs Interest rate decisions Political decisions with an impact on currencies
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Dow Jones Global (German)

Available in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the
Netherlands, Switzerland


‚Dow Jones Global News‘ provides you with company news from Germany, Europe, an international markets, Wall Street Journal, Spot Trends with Equity Trading News, indices, statistics and many more.

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Dow Jones Global Equities News (English)

Available in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland


‚Dow Jones Global Equities News‘ is a comprehensivenews service about international stock markets with exclusive commentaries and analyses. The news service covers 37,000 companies throughout the world and always keeps you abreast of IPOs, assessments by analysts and unusual market movements. ‚Dow Jones Global Equities News‘ also contains analyses of economic and political developments as well as other markets which have an impact on stock development.


  • Dow Jones NewsPlus
  • Global stock coverage
  • Expert opinions and analyses-Mergers and acquisitions
  • News and analyses
  • Corporate and government bonds

Macro economy and economic policy

  • Political events and leadership
  • Government regulations
  • Comprehensive coverage of the G7 and the IWF
  • Comprehensive coverage of the officers of the central banks
  • Economic indicators, trends and political changes


  • Bond News
  • DJ Market-Talk
  • Energy&Commodities
  • Equity News
  • Foreign Exchange Roundup
  • Market Moving News
  • Money Markets


  • Data preview
  • European morning briefing
  • European midday briefing
  • US morning briefing
  • Hourly summaries and extensive coverage of important events
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Dow Jones Global FX & Fixed Income News (English)

Available in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the
Netherlands, Switzerland


‚Dow Jones Global FX & Fixed Income News‘ offers you news about the money and capital markets with a major impact of more than 120 countries. The available information delivers real-time news for traders, economists and financial consultants who need a multidimensional overview of all trends in the money and capital markets for their decisions.


  • Expert opinions and analyses
  • Macro economy and economic policy
  • Fed, ECB, BOE and BOJ Watch
  • Political, governmental, financial, company and industry news


  • All benchmark index components
  • DJ Market Talk
  • Round-the-clock coverage of the global markets


  • Data preview
  • European morning and midday briefing
  • Calendar
  • Commentaries
  • Hourly summaries
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Dow Jones News (German)

Available in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the
Netherlands, Switzerland


The “Dow Jones News” package consists of various DJ news packages which contain market reports, analyses, fund news, forecasts about economic developments, quick assessments from the point of view of the market, pension market information and much more. The following packages are included:

  • Dow Jones Global
  • Dow Jones Compact
  • Dow Jones Trade
  • Dow Jones Eastern Europe
  • Dow Jones Austria
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Dow Jones Global Premium Investment News (English)

Available in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the
Netherlands, Switzerland


‚Dow Jones Premium Investment News‘ is one of the most comprehensive English-language news services covering international stock markets and including exclusive commentaries and analyses. The service delivers comprehensive coverage, profound analyses and background information from Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal in English.

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Dow Jones Premium Treasury News (English)

Available in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the
Netherlands, Switzerland


In a way that is unmatched, ‚Dow Jones Premium Treasury News‘ brings you market-moving news about
financial markets, politics and the economy.

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dpaAFX ProFeed (German)

Available in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the
Netherlands, Switzerland


The dpaAFX ProFeed follows all important events in the international financial markets in real-time. It supplies an average of 650 – during peak times even up to 1,300 – realtime news items as well as analyses and background information. Subjects covered are companies, markets and the economy throughout the world with a focus on Germany, Europe, the US and Asia. The extensive German-language news service is geared towards professional and institutional financial market experts such as traders, analysts, bank advisers and asset managers.

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dpaAFX International ProFeed (English)

Available in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the


The International ProFeed provides comprehensive corporate news coverage of US, European and Asian companies including earnings reports & pre-announcements, analyst ratings, Market analysis & commentary, Mergers & Acquisitions and more. As a 24-hr financial news service, it monitors all the major markets across the globe and presents detailed realtime coverage of economic reports and events that impact local, national and global economies.

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Il Sole 24 Ore - Radiocor Newswire

Available in: Italy


The most complete Radiocor newswire with an average of 500 daily takes on the world of finance, the Economy and politics. Contains information of:

  • Current news on politics, the economy and finance
  • European and global macroeconomic developments
  • Performance of the main equity and debt markets
  • Corporate and institutional finance
  • Corporate Events
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Infront News

Infront News agencies give clients the best starting point for successful business by delivering the fastest and most initiated reporting on what is happening in the world's financial markets from a Nordic perspective. 


  • Financial markets, stock exchanges, regulations
  • Interest rates, currencies, commodities
  • Companies and industries
  • Political news
  • Labor markets
  • EU coverage with editorial office in Brussels since 1995

Read more about Infront News.

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Live audio news broadcast with coverage of global markets, business news, economic data & geopolitics.


LS Reports preview the most important economic data, major events & company earnings. Subscribers can view, either online or via email, Morning, Afternoon & Evening round-ups highlighting the top news stories & commentary of the day, along with summaries of current market analysis and economic event reaction.

Financial news:

  • global markets
  • business news
  • economic data
  • geopolitics

Company news:

  • economic data
  • major events
  • company earnings

Asset classes:

  • equities
  • fixed income
  • FX
  • commodities

LiveSquawk broadcast 24 hours a day from Europe and Asia.

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Ritzau Finans (Danish)

Ritzau Finans is the leading financial news agency in Denmark.


Infront is the biggest distributor of the Ritzau Finans news wire to market professionals. Unique in the Infront terminal, the service includes Ritzau FinansData providing financial results from major Danish companies. In cooperation with Infront, Ritzau Finans also deliver their news services to a broad audience of media clients utilizing the media edition of the Infront terminal.

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