Infront Company Fundamentals

Infront Company Fundamentals is a professional grade service available to meet the needs for everyone that is in need for a deep and detailed Nordic company coverage.

Infront company information allows brokerages, banks and investment firms to get access to Infront proprietary data and to build customized services based on our information. 


Income statement and Balance Sheet data going back up to 15 years is synchronised with our market expectations portfolio, allowing for 100% consistent analysis of time series data.

  • Full Nordic coverage
  • European coverage including all major indices.

Market Expectations

Infront market expectations gives you access to the cleanest, most granular and most timely consensus estimates available in the capital markets today. We take a unique approach when compiling our data which gives our client a unique opportunity to evaluate listed companies.

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Consensus data

  • Vanilla
  • Company specifics and industry KPIs
  • Analyst Recommendations
  • Derived data


  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet & cash flow KPIs
  • Derived data

Company information

  • Company descriptions (English and domestic language)
  • Events (report dates, AGM, dividend dates and other company related events)
  • Insider transactions
  • Dividends
  • Declarations
  • Short positions
  • CEO & Chairman


Inquiry Financial screens

Other Databases

Infront offers a number of complementary data sets to complement the market expectations and fundamentals for Nordic listed companies.

Available data sets include:

  • Company descriptions (available in English and all Nordic domestic languages).
  • Events.
  • Dividends
  • Declarations
  • Short positions
  • CEO & Chairman
  • Analyst recommendations.
  • Earnings surprises.
  • Earnings trends.
  • Sales surprises.