Infront Insight Direkt

Top of mind with your investors

Showcase your corporate brand, raise your profile and create engaging touch points with your stakeholders via the Infront Insight Direkt service.

Showcase your corporate brand

Today, video is the preferred medium for gaining new information. What better way to showcase your company and reach out to your investor community? With professional production studios, we can do live interviews, news reporting and presentations to suit your purposes. Insight Direkt is a three-step service designed specially for IR communications including an introduction of your company, interviews with you on each quarterly report, and a presentation of your sector from a broader perspective, putting your company into context. All of the productions will be shared in Infront Direkt Studios distribution channels, and you can show them on your own website, meetings or events for further exposure.

Company Introduction

We cover what your company does, when was it founded, your mission and goals, and your financial standing.

Report Commentary

We interview you about the previous and the upcoming quarters, the relative prognosis and events in the pipeline.

Industry perspective

In the Perspective video, an individual in your industry is interviewed to provide a new perspective on your company and your sector.