Infront ESG Module - powered by Clarity AI

Infront ESG Module gives you access to the most comprehensive ESG data universe in the industry and innovative tools to help you integrate sustainability and optimize the impact of your investment decisions and recommendations. 
Infront ESG Module

Making ESG part of your workflow

The Infront ESG Module offers support for your entire ESG process, from implementing the ESG data in your systems, to screening, analysis and monitoring of your investment offerings, to reporting and compliance, through to professional ESG overviews for your end customers. Together with Clarity AI, we bring you a science based and quantitative approach to ESG that leverages high quality data from more than 65 data sources.

Extensive data and solid methodology

The largest ESG database in the industry

Infront ESG Module includes the most comprehensive ESG database in the industry for companies and funds, based on data from Clarity AI. We cover more than 30.000+ companies, 200.000+ funds and 400+ countries and local governments.


Built on quality data and science-based methodology

The underlying data is sourced from more than 65 data providers to build a solid, high-quality foundation. A science-based and quantitative methodology is then applied to give you an objective assessment.


Compare investments & portfolios easily

ESG risk scores gives you one simple way of assessing ESG risk across multiple asset-classes. By having one unified scoring methodology across multiple asset-classes, you can easily compare investments and portfolios.


ESG Data in Infront

Detailed ESG scores

Three levels deep with 18 scores, you get a detailed overview.

ESG Integration

Get the full picture with our aggregated ESG industry scores.

Multiple assets

Get ESG scores for companies, funds, governments and bonds.

ESG functionality and tools

Company ESG analysis

Understand the underlying drivers, and benchmark against our industry scores.

Industry intelligence

Get the full picture with our aggregated ESG industry scores.


With Clarity AI ESG risk scores, you can easily screen across industries.

Portfolio ESG analysis

Understand how your investments impact sustainability.

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