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Streamline your management of regulatory documents, mandatory publications and relevant fund and marketing documents, giving you easy access and full compliance.

The Document Hub is a modular service for the fulfillment of regulatory requirements for document creation, distribution and delivery, procurement and archiving of regulatory documents. Provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Document Hub enables process-optimised receipt of all relevant regulatory documents on securities in order to make them available to investors. The focus is on obtaining a wide variety of document types and language versions from a central document database.

Document Hub is a praxis and load tested multi-customer platform in productive operation with an average of 30,000 document downloads per day.

All document types, multilingual

All document types, multilingual

  • Key Information Documents (PRIIP KID) for securitised products (with ISIN)
  • Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for UCITS
  • Key Information Documents for exchange-traded derivatives such as options and futures to the extent that these are made available by the respective stock exchange
  • Fund Factsheets, prospectus and annual/semiannual report of the fund provider if available and provided by the issuer
  • Key Information Documents according to FinSA / FINSO if available and provided by the issuer
  • Product Infortmation Documents (BIB) gem. § 64 Abs 2 WpHG (non-PRIIP / Germany)
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