Infront Data Manager Funds

Get your fund data straight from the source

Access price and market data of over 100,000 ISINs directly from more than 1000 investment management companies.

As a competent and experienced partner to the fund industry, Infront has been gathering and processing fund information for more than 30 years now. Thousands of professional users place their trust daily in the quality of our data. They benefit from comprehensive, up-to-date information on over 100,000 ISINs of more than 1000 investment  management companies across Europe and South Africa.

The data we provide to you is supplied directly by the investment management companies. This cuts time lags to a minimum. Extensive monitoring routines are used for the process of collecting and handling from the primary sources. This way we ensure not only an extensive supply of data, but also consistent data quality to the highest standard. Any faulty or implausible information immediately triggers a transparent crosschecking process with the data source for swift correction.

In addition to the master and price data for funds, Infront also delivers the regulatory data under MiFID II, which is included in the EMT and EPT templates.

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  • Price data: With information on issue and redemption price etc, you get precisely the data that is relevant for you
  • Reference data: We provide you with basic information on all tranches of a fund
  • Portfolio data: from simple statements concerning distribution of the fund capital among asset classes and currencies, to presentation at individual securities level
  • Fund documents: KIIDs as well as sales materials and reports, such as annual and semi-annual reports
  • Key figures: our database is processed further in a series of process steps and used to expand the scope and quality of our data stock
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Contribute your funds data

If you are a fund company and would like information about how to add data on your funds to our database, please contact us today!

With our close dialog with the fund industry and memberships in the national industry associations, we are informed early on of developments and changes in fundamental conditions and are able to adjust our processes continuously. This ensures that you are always at the forefront of the business. An experienced project team will be pleased to assist you in identifying your own specific needs and technical requirements for smooth integration of our data into your systems.