Infront Data Manager Connect

Rates, indices and prices for your own applications

Integrate choice data directly in your own corporate applications or your website with ease.

Infront Data Manager Connect offers a quick and easy connectivity to our comprehensive market data universe. You can access around 120 stock exchanges, 35 futures and commodities exchanges, 140 OTC sources and 500 investment companies sources as well as over 30 news providers. We focus on providing you solely with the data that is relevant for your offer, so you get the most cost-efficient use of the data that is important to you.

You can easily integrate both exchange-traded and OTC-traded data in your own application using Data Manager Connect. Choose from equities, indices, bonds, currencies, funds, certificates, warrants or other derivatives. The corresponding master data and course histories over more than 20 years are centrally maintained in the Infront computer center and made available for retrieval.

The information you require can be supplemented with company data or news packages from various news agencies. A variety of customer-specific and usage-optimized delivery types are available for the respective areas of application.

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Areas of application

Areas of application

  • Frontend: 3rd party applications, limit control system, quote calculation system, digital signage...
  • Backend: risk management, asset management, controlling, order processing, order validation...
  • Online: websites, extranet, intranet
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State-of-the-art technology with interfaces for Java and .NET ensures a smooth connection to your existing IT development environment due to the use of „class libraries“, allowing the fastest possible integration of the data feed into your systems.

Data Manager Connect offers a ‚single point of access‘ for all data requests. It delivers an interactive data feed – publish and subscribe – in JSON or XML formats.

Data hosting takes place on redundant servers in the ISO 9001/IEC 27001 certified and K-case secure Equinix data center (FR2 and FR7).