Infront Connect & integrations

Infront provides various solutions and integrations points

Trading integration

Infront provides trading integrations to order management systems, portfolio management systems or trading networks. Our interfaces include FIX and FIXATDL and Infront provides standardized APIs.

  • Connect via existing infrastructure via FIX or other intefaces
  • Customize trading on defined asset classes, markets and order types
  • Customize users with various front-ends of APIs
  • Limits and validation plugins
  • Support for algos, strategies and conditional orders
  • MIFID2 support

Market Data integration

Integrate your in-house data including OTC prices, time series, markets, membership data. Provide easy distribution to users in a controlled manner. Infront work with all types of formats such as FastFix, Pitch, Itch, MIT, FTP and XML.

Research integration

Infront provides a solution for controlled distribution of reserach. The solution enables a research provider to reach out to end-users across various products including the Infront Professional terminal, Infront Web Trader and Infront Mobile and with the Infront Web Toolkit

Portfolio integration

Infront provides services for importing and exporting data from portfolio management system manually or via APIs.

Back-office integration

Infront provides services for importing and exporting data from back-office systems via APIs.

User administration of proprietary data

Infront offers a secure and easy to use user administration tools for handling users, market data, trading and portfolios.

  • Easy web based user administration
  • Create new users or change permissions real-time
  • Permissions can be set for a limited period
  • Control proprietary data
  • Online requests from users 


  • Grouping of users by e.g. department, country or function
  • User reports provided in XML
  • Support reports to inventory systems (Screen Infomatch, MDSL)

Customizations and custom development

The Infront platform can be customized with front-ends, trading, markets, asset classes, functions and other features. In need of specialized functions to improve workflow efficiency, functionality, or content, Infront can provide custom development.