Sell-side solution for internal traders and sales

Infront offers a complete solution for brokerages who want to equip their internal traders, sales teams and branch offices with a lightweight, trading-focused terminal.  Brokers can easily integrate Infront with their OMS/execution environment, algos and smart order types and trade multiple asset classes from a single platform.

Professional-grade trading terminal

Over 15 years of feedback from thousands of professional traders who use Infront daily has evolved the Infront terminal into a fast, reliable trading-focused terminal.


Put your OMS to work for you

Infront can be easily integrated with your OMS system / execution environment.  Give your traders a fast trading tool, and get access to accounts and positions, risk management and compliance functionality with OMS integration.

Algorithmic trading

Infront offers full integration for any algorithm that supports FIX.

Trade multiple asset classes

No need for separate trader desktops for different asset classes.  Infront supports all major asset classes, so you can trade any asset type your OMS supports from a single system.

See both lit and dark liquidity

Up to 50% of trades happen outside the primary markets.  Consolidation features in Infront combined with MTF data ensure you find liquidity from lit orderbooks, dark pools, OTC trades and broker internalizers.