Flexible and cost efficient market data and trading solutions

Providing market data, analytics, portfolio and trading technology to buy- and sell-sides

Benefits with Infront

  • Experts in market data and trading technology
  • Providing global market data including in-depth real-time data, managed and hosted
  • Extended network of partners
  • Technology can be integrated towards existing PMS, OMS and back-office systems
  • Easily integration of proprietary data including quotes, research and in-house database
  • Customizable platform with front-ends, markets, asset classes, trading flow, portfolio functions, validation and a lot more...

Solutions for multiple user groups

Trade multiple asset classes

Infront solutions support electronic trading of multiple asset classes, including equities, fixed income, commodities, FX, funds, money markets, derivatives, CFDs and ETPs.

Solutions for multiple stages of the trading lifecycle

Infront electronic trading solutions support multiple stages of the trading lifecycle – from order idea initiation and electronic execution via single broker connections or multi-broker trading networks, through risk management and reception of confirmations drop-copied to a back-office system.

Work with a trusted solution partner

Infront solutions are used by banks, brokerages and other financial institutions across Europe with users in more than 50 countries.  

Tap into our expertise

At Infront we understand your needs, can design, develop, deploy and support a solution that meets your future requirements.