Your road sign at the point of sale

Compass, a module of Infront Investment Manager, provides you with internal recommendations and lists required for the advisory process.

From consistently providing up-to-date product recommendations to supplementary market information and individualized offers, Compass shows you efficient methods of sales information and control. 

Compass supports the distribution of internal research results and product recommendations of all asset classes at the point of sale. Avoid inconsistent data from multiple sources and relieve your on-site advisors by providing them with targeted sales arguments and background information on the selected products.

Compass is a module that can be integrated into the Investment Manager to varying degrees. 

Use cases

Use cases

  • Provision of current result lists, even several times a day
  • Setting up of product comparisons
  • Distribution of individual result lists according to organizational units, regions, etc.
  • Retrieval of additional market information (real time) for the professional preparation of sales talks
2021 ger notebook Compass product comparison

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