SIX Financial Information and Infront enter into partnership

to strengthen the Nordic finance region

Oslo, Zurich - SIX Financial Information, a global provider of top-quality reference data, market data and added value services, and Infront, a leading trading and information solution provider in the Nordics, today announced their future collaboration to provide a better service for their customers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

This partnership offers customers the best of two worlds by combining Infront’s cutting-edge financial terminal technology with the high-quality global reference and market data of SIX. Users of SIX EDGE and Starweb will be migrated to the Infront terminal powered by the extensive database of SIX. This partnership extends to Infront clients who will receive SIX data going forward. Furthermore, the news agency SIX News merges with Nyhetsbyrån Direkt to create the leading financial news agency in the Nordics, owned by the Infront group. SIX will be a redistributor of news from Nyhetsbyrån Direkt to serve SIX clients with high quality real-time news for the Swedish market.

Infront and SIX Financial Information will cooperate closely to ensure a smooth transition for end users of SIX EDGE. In the upcoming months, all customers will be contacted to plan the upgrade to the new Infront terminal.

This strategic alliance allows Infront and SIX to draw on each other’s expertise. SIX Financial Information will be able to further expand its client base in the Nordic market and strengthen its position as a data provider in this region while relying on Infront’s technology. This move also allows SIX to better focus on its core business, fully in line with the company’s strategy. Infront gains a unique position in the Nordics with the most comprehensive base of market data, leading financial news and the best financial terminal on the market. Together with its prevalent Nordic estimates and analytics solutions, this contributes to making Infront one of the major Fintech players in Europe.

"Our aim is to provide the financial industry in the Nordics with the highest-quality data while focusing on our core business. The combination of SIX data and Infront technology will be of high value to our mutual clients”, states Robert Jeanbart, Division CEO SIX Financial Information.

“Being in a highly competitive market with strong global players, we see the need to cooperate to create one leading Nordic player of financial terminals. This is a great opportunity to strengthen our efforts in the Nordic countries and build more local knowledge and expertise. Our superior technology in the Infront terminal, together with better content and additional exchanges, strengthen our position as the number one choice for Nordic finance professionals”, concludes Kristian Nesbak, CEO in Infront.



What does this mean to you?

You will receive an even better service as Infront and SIX will draw on each other’s expertise. You will be upgraded to Infront, the best financial terminal in the market, with the same excellent market data from SIX and leading financial news from Direkt (which merges with SIX News).

What do you have to do?

Nothing! We will contact you shortly with more information and to make sure that you experience a smooth transition. Your SIX EDGE / Starweb will be discontinued. SIX will naturally support your current product until migration.

When will this affect you?

You do not have to do anything at this point of time, you will still have access to your services. You will be contacted by Infront with more information about this in the next weeks.

Will it cost more?

No. When you convert to the Infront terminal the price will be unchanged – same price, better product.

Can you continue using your SIX EDGE / Starweb?

SIX EDGE / Starweb will be discontinued, but is of course supported by SIX until migration.

Will you be able to keep your features and market data? Will Infront offer the same features and market data?

Yes. Infront works together with SIX to make sure that you receive the best of two worlds. Infront financial terminal will be powered with SIX market data.

How do you get started with Infront?

Please contact us. Contact details in the top right corner.

Getting started with Infront


Migration FAQ


How do you access desktops?

Clicking on the + button in the bottom toolbar brings you to the Desktop selector which lets you select among pre-made desktops based on your geographic selection. It is also possible to select a blank desktops which lets you create your own custom made desktop.

Can you have multiple desktops?

Yes, just go back to the Desktop selector and add a new desktop. These desktops are now available as tabs in the bottom toolbar of your Infront terminal.

How do you find the data you need?

By clicking on the global overview button (Infront logo in the top left). Here you will find a wide range of market data and tools which can be added to your workspace.

Will you be able to access all the data you had in your SIX EDGE?

Yes, all the data available in your SIX EDGE is available in your Infront.

How do you convert a list of instruments from SIX EDGE to Infront?

To export the list, first save the list in SIX EDGE on your computer. Then in your Infront, go to Tools – Convert Edge Lists. Select the list you want to convert. This list is now available in your List Drop down menu in the Custom list menu option.

Where can you get help

Please contact the Infront Support team.

Contact Infront

Ken Riggio
Sweden / Finland
+46 8 700 56 40

Poul Stilling
+45 3330 0613

Sindre Prøsch
+47 233 10 000

Contact SIX Financial Information

Daniel Gustavsson
Sweden / Norway
+46 8 5861 6364

Kim Bønnelycke
Denmark / Finland
+45 3341 1126