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Danske Bank - Markets provides trading in the Infront terminal. Infront is an advanced market information and trading platform for professional investors. It provides a unique combination of real-time global market data, news, analytics and powerful trading tools.
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Tap into global markets

Infront provides extensive real-time, delayed and historical data from over 80 exchanges, MTFs, inter-dealer brokers and more. Full order depth is available from many trading venues, and broad multi-asset coverage gives you the complete picture. Check out all available market data.

Trading enabled

Trade equities electronically on 80 exchanges directly from the solution towards Danske Banks advanced trading platform.

  • Single orders
  • DMA or care orders
  • Access to Danske Markets order strategies and algos 
  • Basket orders
  • List orders
  • Pre-allocation
  • Click trading
  • Trades and orders blotter
  • Dynamic export of orders and trades to files

Access to Danske research and leading news sources

The solution provides access to Danske Markets research reports, press-releases and real-time news from leading providers like Dow Jones, Ritzau and Direkt. Use advanced functions like filters, alerts and full-text search to help you deal with the news flow.

 financial news

See both lit and dark liquidity

Up to 50% of trades happen outside the primary markets.  Consolidation features in Infront combined with MTF data ensure you find liquidity from lit orderbooks, dark pools, OTC trades and broker internalizers.


Multi asset-class coverage

Infront provides global coverage of the FX, fixed income, equity and commodities derivatives markets, from sources including exchanges and contributing banks and brokers. You get a complete overview of the global derivatives market in real-time.  Use powerful search tools to find the instruments you need, or choose ready-made global overview pages for instant access to the most important futures contracts. Rolling Contacts help you get the complete history of a future, stitched together across expires.

multi asset class

Follow your entire portfolio in real-time

Get a real-time view of your portfolio, across asset classes, complete with charts, multiple currencies, related news, analytics and more. Compare to a benchmark index and calculate real-time return and contribution. Stay ahead of all market trends: long, short, up and down, and break the markets down into industry, sector or index for greater insight.


Add studies and customize charts

Add one of 50 studies, annotate your charts and use endless customization options to create your perfect chart.  Save it on one of your desktops to use it as a template to create new charts.


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