News article Monday Aug 31, 2020

Fastest equities news feed available in the Infront terminal

Infront now offers the fastest equities news service for European financial markets, partnering with PLX.AI to include their automated news service in the Infront terminal. The service is built on the combination of PLX.AI's technical platform, the unique editorial competence of Infront Direct News and distribution of the news through the Infront platform.

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PLX.AI extracts real-time financial news instantly and accurately from company reports, stock exchange statements and regulatory filings using a natural language processing algorithm. The news is then delivered to subscribers within milliseconds on the Infront terminal to inform and guide their trading decisions.

Companies report surprising earnings results at unexpected times. PLX.AI is uniquely able to automatically extract and deliver this news to clients. PLX AI algorithms instantly detect earnings surprises and guidance changes during trading hours, flashing these changes on the terminal. PLX.AI news also covers analyst research, management changes, insider trading, short position changes and other stock-moving events. 

From the start, PLX.AI provides automated headlines and stories on 500 stocks from the Nordics, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The service will be expanding to the United States and other European countries later in 2020.

Read more about the PLX.AI news service here.

By Meredith Sledd Lindquist