Infront Investor Solutions

Create your own online brokerage solution

Deliver streaming, multi-asset global market data and electronic trading services to your private customers in your existing infrastructure and let us manage the rest.

Infront provides flexible solutions to facilitate your services to meet your private customers’ requirements for financial information, trading, connectivity and regulatory services. Use Infront's ready-made front-ends or customize the solutions to build modern investor portals. Infront helps you integrate with existing systems, so you can cut time to market and lower maintenance costs.

Easy for you, easy for your customers

You can offer your private investor customers a modern, easy-to-use brokerage solution with desktop, web and mobile apps, with minimal effort. Infront Investor Solutions combines market data, analytics, proprietary data, portfolio and trading components that are easily designed to reflect your brand and customized to meet your private customers' needs. Connect with counterparties and trading venues of choice, and trade across asset classes. Add your own proprietary data and make it all accessible via your own infrastructure - quickly, easily, reliably.

Infront Investor Solutions are easy to integrate with other systems, so you can cut time to market and lower maintenance costs. With built-in redundancy and high scalability, you can also reduce your operational risk. Furthermore, Infront's focus on information security ensures compliant handling of personal data. 



Infront Web Trader German screen shot

Benefits for you:

  • Managed market data
  • Integrated trading
  • Rapid time to market and low maintenance costs
  • Easily customizable user interface to match your brand's look and feel
  • Architecture designed for very high scalability
  • Full built-in redundancy between three certified European data centers.
  • Share your own proprietary news, research, market prices and more
  • Short implementation times, easily integrated with other systems

Benefits for your private customers:

  • Fast and interactive user interface
  • Electronic trading on markets provided by you
  • Follow global markets and news in real time
  • Access from any web browser or mobile device