Infront Investor Solutions

Digitize your investment offer

Stay relevant with your next-generation client base by delivering multi-asset global market data and electronic trading services in your existing infrastructure.

Empower your clients with online trading solutions

Are you using outdated technology to support client orders, or worse, still placing client orders manually? Get a competitive edge by offering your clients content-rich, personalized trading tools to send their orders directly to your execution system. With a trading platform that is fast, reliable, and easily accessible, they can go from insight to action in seconds, which means better business for both your clients and for you.

Infront's electronic trading solutions give your clients everything they need to research and trade the markets, while you cut time to market and lower maintenance costs. 

Quick, easy, reliable

Equip your clients with comprehensive global market data, news and analytics tools. Add your own proprietary data and make it all accessible via your own infrastructure - quickly, easily, reliably.

Infront Investor Solutions are intuitive to use, and easily accessible on mobile devices, so that your clients can keep up with the markets, and you can stay competitive.

Benefits for you

  • Hosted and managed solution
  • Front-ends for various client segments
  • Integrated market data, analytics, news and trading
  • Share your own proprietary news, research, market prices and more
  • Easily create and manage user accounts and access to market data and features

Benefits for your clients

  • Fast and intuitive user interface
  • Electronic trading on markets provided by you
  • Powerful trading functions including click trading
  • Access global markets and news in real time
  • Advanced charting tools

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6 things to consider when choosing a trading solution

The trend is clear: bank customers - whether wealthy private bank customers or equity savers at a retail bank – want to take control of their investments. With the world being increasingly online, we’ve summarized a few of the most important factors to consider when looking to set up a trading service for your customers.