Grunt Powerpoint add-in

Professional report presentations with Grunt Powerpoint add-in

Create presentations of your Infront data and reports faster and easier than ever before.

Professional presentations in seconds

Create presentations of your financial data and reports quickly and easily with the Grunt PowerPoint add-in. Your Infront data can be accessed via the Grunt presentation tool that links to your Infront Excel reports. A fast and reliable data connection coupled with customizable templates makes it easy to visualize your data. With automatic updates, formatting and layout, Grunt reduces the risk of mistakes and optimizes your workflow, so you can create recurring presentations with minimal effort.

The add-in includes a wide variety of visualization options and features a rule-based design approach that ensures compliance with your company's style guide.

Example templates

A ready-made and fully customizable set of PowerPoint templates are included, covering your Infront reports.

For IR / CFO / CEO

  • Preview consensus –ahead of interim results
  • Post consensus – updated after interim results
  • Analysts' reports – displays individual analyst estimates
  • Any reports that you have created on your own using consensus data

For analysts and corporate finance

  • Valuation multiples
  • Financial ratios
  • Financial statements

For wealth management

  • Portfolio reports for your customers
  • Market/recommendation reports

Supported functions

  • Infront time series via RTD
  • Infront snapshot data via RTD
  • Infront data via Excel plugin  

How to get access

  • Type in MyProfile, select "New services", Modules and choose "News: Grunt PowerPoint add-in"
  • If you do not have access to MyProfile, contact your local administrator or our customer support

Free trial

  • You can test the service as a trial for 7 days from MyProfile.