Customization of the Infront terminal

This page describes the customization possibilities with the Infront terminal.

Infront Professional Terminal

Welcome pages and desktops

The welcome page helps new users getting started using the terminal. It can have links to create new ready-made desktops or to web resources, guides and videos. The welcome page is set up as the default workspace so all new users will get it first time they log in. The user can add additional desktops to the local workspace, but the welcome page will remain as a desktop until the user choses to remove it. The welcome page is built with HTML and both layout and content can be customized.


Shared desktops

A desktop can be shared with other users within the same provider (bank/brokerage). Users with desktop-admin-access can save a desktop to the cloud from the Settings menu > Cloud:


Once a desktop is saved to the cloud, all users linked to the same provider can access them from the "Add desktop" button, under "Vendor".


The trading login screen and the trading windows can have an integrated logo, company name and contact info and links to an external web site. On the Trading Login page the logo, name and contact info text can be customized:




The logo can also be integrated in the Trading and New Order windows:


Trading Support page

The support page is shown when the user types “Support” or clicks the Support button. It can have a logo, support phone, opening times, support e-mail, web links and an additional text.

Integration of in-house data

News, research and analysis in RSS/XML format

In-house news, research and analysis available on a RSS/XML feed can easily be integrated in the Infront terminal. The content will be available to the users as a news feed in the terminal. The news stories can either be shown as text inside the terminal, or a link to a web page, PDF-document etc. that will be opened when the user clicks on the headline.

News contribution from the terminal

News or research can also be contributed directly from the terminal, and made available immediately to the users. With Infront News Contribution module there is no need for any external systems or infrastructure for publishing content.

Quotes contribution

In-house pricing data can be integrated in the Infront terminal. OTC prices, indicative or tradable and for different asset classes can be streamed in real-time to the terminal. Contact Infront for more details.

In-house quotes can also be presented as an Overview Page to make it easier for the users to find and view the data.

Market data windows with contributed data can be branded with a logo in the lower right corner of the window.

Infront Mobile Trading

Trading login on Infront Mobile can have integrated company logo in the same way as on the terminal. Examples for iPhone and iPad:

Automated buy or free trial on web

Infront has automated solutions for both free trial registrations and ordering new accounts on the web. These can be integrated into any web site.

The free trial form can have a customized text and layout. This can be built using HTML as a part of a web site. Once the user clicks submit, the request goes to Infront’s servers and a trial account is automatically registered. The system automatically sends out these mails to the free trial users. The mail content is customizable.

  • Welcome mail – sent out immediately after registration
  • Reminder – sent out if the user has not logged in 3 days after registration
  • Last day – sent out on the last day of the trial period
  • User exists – sent out only to registrations that has already received a free trial
  • Rejection mail – sent out only to registrations from a non-allowed mail-domain

The length of the trial period, which services the trial users will get access to and the content of the trial mails are all customizable.