Mifid II Unbundling Solution: Streamlined Research Consumption, Management and Procurement

Infront has partnered with RSRCHXchange to provide Infront clients with a seamless integration between global real-time market information and research published on RSRCHX.

RSRCHX is leading portal for purchasing, consuming and managing institutional research, and enables asset managers to meet the requirements of MiFID II research unbundling and maximise value from research budgets.

Built and designed by an experienced capital markets team in consultation with asset management institutions and research providers, the RSRCHX platform enables asset management firms to consume, track and evaluate research services across all research counterparties in a more efficient, discerning and transparent way.


  • RSRCHX is a one-stop-shop for reading research from your existing providers and a storefront to purchase new research publications
  • RSRCHX monitors which research has been read and tracks consumption internally and across all your research relationships
  • Increased control and transparency with a new dashboard providing additional insights to refine your strategies and improve your returns
  • New purchases are made simple with previews, key provider details & centralised payments to one counterparty
  • Rate research quality with the quantitative rating system and leave qualitative feedback

Mifid 2 compliant research





How can I try out the platform?

Please contact your local sales representative or send an email to contact@infrontfinance.com. We will get you up and running on research from RSRCHXchange in minutes. You can also enable the feed yourself in the Infront terminal.

Who can use RSRCHX?

RSRCHX is for regulated institutional investors, and there are currently over 1000 asset managers signed up. Clients include a mix of hedge fund and long only institutions with AUM ranging from $100m to over $1trn in AUM. The five largest clients manage over $2.5trn in AUM. Its research providers have grown in scale and complexity; banks and brokers now represent a quarter of the providers on RSRCHX.

How does RSRCHX help me to be MiFID II compliant?

Under MiFID II regulation on Research Unbundling, investment firms need to put in place systems to properly manage, evaluate and pay for the research they use to inform their investment decisions. Free research can no longer be received. Research consumption, ratings and payments should be auditable and defensible. RSRCHX has the tools you need to be compliant.

What research do you have on the RSRCHX platform?

Over 200 research providers use RSRCHX. They include banks, regional brokers and independent providers, covering all geographies and asset classes. RSRCHXchange is also actively adding providers from client requests.

How does payment work?

RSRCHX is connected with all the major CSA and RPA managers. It can also self invoice funds for those paying for research from a P&L and manage hard dollar payments. RSRCHXchange electronically invoice your chosen payment administrator automatically when research is purchased.