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Getting started

Migration FAQ

I’m having problems starting my Infront

If Infront cannot connect to the servers, you can change the port setting. Go to Menu, Settings, Open advanced settings. Change Port to 40000 (from default which is 443). Close Infront and start again. If you still cannot start Infront, please contact our Support Team.

How do I access desktops?

Clicking on the + button in the bottom toolbar brings you to the Desktop selector which lets you select among pre-made desktops based on your geographic selection. It is also possible to select a blank desktops which lets you create your own custom made desktop.

Can I have multiple desktops?

Yes, just go back to the Desktop selector and add a new desktop. These desktops are now available as tabs in the bottom toolbar of your Infront terminal.

How do I find the data I need?

By clicking on the global overview button (Infront logo in the top left). Here you will find a wide range of market data and tools which can be added to your workspace.

Will I be able to access all the data I had in my SIX EDGE?

Yes, all the data available in your SIX EDGE is available in your Infront.

How do I convert a list of instruments from SIX EDGE to Infront?

To export the list, first save the list in SIX EDGE on your computer. Then in your Infront, go to Tools – Convert Edge Lists. Select the list you want to convert. This list is now available in your List Drop down menu in the Custom list menu option.

How do I convert an Excel sheet with RTD-links from SIX Edge to Infront?

In your Infront, go to Tools – Convert Edge RTD Excel-sheet. The terminal will create a new version of the Excel-sheet in the same folder as the original. If you need assistance, you can send the Excel sheet to

Where can I get help

Please contact the Infront Support team.