Infront IR Solutions for Investor Relations professionals

Analyse your company data and compare with peers, communicate with shareholders and showcase your company to the investor community, all with Infront IR Solutions

Better IR Communications

Investors want to know what to expect from your company and how the market is reacting to those expectations. Infront IR Solutions give you the tools to collect and analyse your data, compare with peers, communicate with shareholders, and showcase your company to the investor community. You can do it all faster and easier, and look better than ever.

Infront IR Solutions include a range of tools for the investor relations professional: Infront IR Web Service, Infront Insight Direkt, the Infront Professional Terminal for IR and the Infront Consensus.

"Infront IR has consistently delivered a detailed consensus for us since 2014 in a timely and correct way. It helps us to save time and resources and gives us an accurate view where the market stands regarding Ericsson results for the coming quarters and years.” - Vice President of IR, Ericsson

All in one place with Infront Professional Terminal for IR

Global market data and professional news covering more than 8 million instruments at your fingertips. Access in-depth financial data and analytics on over 70,000 listed companies worldwide. Get an instant overview of any company profile, compare to peer group or industry, and build advanced analysis templates with our powerful Excel add-in.

  • Indices, equities, funds, ETFs, derivatives, fixed income and FX
  • Global equity fundamentals, estimates and ratios
  • Global macro and business indicators data & estimates
  • Company and macro calendars with alerts
  • Annual and interim financial statements with 5-year history
  • Infront Consensus estimates with 4-year forecast, actuals and historical data
  • Infront Mobile apps

Quality estimates right on time with Infront Consensus

Infront Consensus collects and distributes the highest quality consensus to the market, so that you can communicate timely, clearly and easily with your investors. Covering over 1,000 listed European companies, the service maintains a unique position as the benchmark for consensus reports in the Nordics and now offers the same high quality consensus service to IR professionals across Europe. Current clients include Daimler, Unilever, H&M, Ericsson, Nokia and Electrolux. Some of the many detailed reports included are:

  • Preview consensus report – ahead of interim results
  • Post consensus report – updated after interim results
  • Analysts' reports – displays individual analyst estimates for each period
Infront Consensus
Infront IR Web Service

Clean, concise overview with Infront IR Web Service

Show ready-made consensus and equity data on your company website. The templates are fully customizable so that you can create a look-and-feel that complies with your company´s style guide. The templates include:

  • Consensus estimates and actual results
  • Current recommendations with historical charts
  • Company fundamentals and key ratios
  • Equity performance data
  • Company news and press releases
  • Corporate events
  • Share pricing and order book
  • Share historical charts
  • Analyst coverage
  • Further customized widgets available

Top of mind with Infront Insight Direkt

Showcase your corporate brand, raise your profile and create engaging touch points with your stakeholders via the Infront Insight Direkt service. Infront produces professional videos about your company and shares them in our distribution channels for greater exposure.

Company Introduction
We cover what your company does, when was it founded, your mission and goals, and your financial standing.

Report Commentary
We interview you about the previous and the upcoming quarters, the relative prognosis and events in the pipeline.

In the Perspective video, an individual in your industry is interviewed to provide a new perspective on your company and your sector.

Infront Insight Direkt