Infront IR for Investor Relations professionals

Communicate efficiently with investors through quality consensus estimates and reports on your results from Infront IR services

Quality consensus right on time

Investors want to know what to expect from your company and how the market is reacting to those expectations. Infront IR helps Investor Relations professionals by collecting and distributing the highest quality consensus to the market, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your relationships with your investors.

Infront IR covers over 1,000 listed European companies. The service maintains a unique position as the benchmark for consensus reports in the Nordics and now offers the same high quality consensus service to IR professionals across Europe. Current clients include Daimler, Unilever, H&M, Ericsson, Nokia and Electrolux. 


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"Infront IR has consistently delivered a detailed consensus for us since 2014 in a timely and correct way. It helps us to save time and resources and gives us an accurate view where the market stands regarding Ericsson results for the coming quarters and years.” - Vice President of IR, Ericsson

Detailed reporting

  • Preview consensus report – ahead of interim results
  • Post consensus report – updated after interim results
  • Analysts' reports – displays individual analyst estimates for each period
  • Deviation report – compare actual results to expectations
  • Overview report - customized snapshot of your most important data
  • Charts – customized to compare data visually for your key variables

Data to your company home page

  • Consensus estimates and actual results
  • Current recommendations with historical charts
  • Share pricing and order book
  • Share historical charts
  • Further customized solutions available

Infront Professional Terminal for IR

  • Peer tracking - predefined and customizable company groups
  • Excel RTD integration
  • Real-time global market data and news
  • Infront Mobile apps
  • Consensus estimates with 4-year forecast, actuals and historical data

Why Infront IR

  • Save time and focus on relations with Investors
  • Reach out to more than 300,000 high end users via Bloomberg and approximately 90,000 users in the Infront Professional Terminal
  • Get the complete picture of the market expectations analyst by analyst
  • Detect discrepancies and changes in the expectations of the analysts
  • Access an important tool for management and the board from an independent source