Discover opportunities, model, optimize, execute and track portfolios

Discover opportunities, construct, optimize, execute and track portfolios; all in one platform, across all your devices, seamlessly integrated with your existing infrastructure
Find out why professionals are replacing their expensive legacy terminals with Infront.

Infront Professional terminal



Discover opportunities

One of largest financial data universes at the tips of your fingers

  • Global multi-asset data
  • Screening tools
  • News & Research
  • Standardized equity fundamentals
  • Multi-asset comparable and peers
  • Advanced charting and data visualizations
  • Noise reduction / Global markets monitoring
  • Macroeconomic calendars and indicators
  • Symphony chat enabled

Model and optimize portfolios

The Infront Professional Terminal offers quality tools to unleash your knowledge and creativity to maximize your work. Construct portfolios, analyze them, create simulations, visualizations and indicators to better understand the market dynamics and much more. Having Infront data on your daily work tools will give you an edge in the market.

Discover our family of tools

  • Excel Add-in
  • Excel RTD and DDE links
  • Desktop API for Python
  • Desktop API for R


Infront is a powerful trading terminal used daily by thousands of professionals and individual investors to execute trades on multiple asset classes.

  • Integrated with multi-broker trading networks reaching over 600 global counterparties
  • Multi-broker support
  • Access to broker algos
  • Import orders from Excel
  • Multi-asset execution for listed and OTC instruments
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Click trading
  • Basket Trading
  • Program Trading
  • Account handling

trading desktops

Track Portfolios

Get a complete overview of your portfolios and the market with specific news, macroeconomic events, fundamental analytics and backtesting. Profit from the smart real-time signals using Infront’s Noise Reduction algorithm. With cross-platform real-time alerts, you are always updated on portfolio performance. The Portfolio Tracker allows you to view, track, and interact with your portfolio and the market – all in one place and in real-time.


  • Full integration with Portfolio Management Systems and automatic Excel/CSV upload
  • Multi-asset support
  • Cross-platform real-time alerts on portfolio performance and events
  • Multi-account management: easy search of client's portfolios, and overseeing of intra-day performance of multiple portfolios
  • Summary of the portfolios' composition and attribution
  • Portfolio-specific news, research, and macroeconomic events
  • Portfolio attribution and characteristics
  • Fundamental analytics for the portfolio holdings
  • Backtesting
  • Liquidation tools: basket trading