Infront Active Trader vs Infront Professional Terminal

Depending on whether you are a private or professional investor, your needs will be different. That’s why we’ve adapted our terminal to support your investment needs.

The Infront Active Trader is designed for private investors that want access to the local and global markets in real time.

The Infront Professional Terminal is our high-end offering that includes advanced functionality and enables professional
investors to subscribe to modules depending on their focus.

Below is an overview of the main differences between the Infront Professional Terminal and the Infront Active Trader.


✓= included, x=not available, o=optional 


Description Infront
Professional Terminal
Active Trader
Company overview page
Index overview page
Infront Portfolio Tracker
Infront Noise Reduction
Infront Mobile Apps and Web App o
Infront Desktop APIs (R, Python)
Portfolio upload enabled (CSV, Excel, PMS, API) o
Infront Correlation matrix o
Infront Seasonality matrix
Infront Fragmentation Index (real-time data & MTF data required)
Google Translate of News enabled
Infront Return Histogram and Trade Histogram
Add on Infront Professional Terminal Modules 

Market Data

Description Infront
Professional Terminal
Active Trader
Global Market Data included delayed x
Company overview on all listed companies with events, descriptions, peers and listings x
Global corporate actions x
FX spot and global indicators o
Major commodities o
Real-time macro calendar o
Company calendars o
Estimates & fundamentals
Excel RTD with access to historical data
Real-time data at exchange fee only
Macro Economic time series

News & Research

Description Infront
Professional Terminal
Active Trader
Premium News Services  o
News Archive with search functions x
Global News x
Press Release Services 
Request Research x

Available Modules

Description Infront
Professional Terminal
Active Trader
Equity Analytics Module with Excel Plugin o x
Funds Module o x
Treasury Module o x
Trading Module o
Corporate Debt Module o x