Google Translate integration

How to obtain a Google Translate API Key

Below, you will find detailed steps for setting up your API key to translate your news in the Infront Professional Terminal.


  • Infront Professional Terminal version 8.2 or above
  • Google email account


1- Click on this link and log in with your Gmail account

2 - When the news window opens, click on Create Project

3 - Enter a project name and click on Create

4 - Under “Popular APIs and services” click on Google Cloud Translation API. Press “Enable”

5 – You will be prompted with your billing method details. If you do not have a Google Cloud Platform account, follow the given instructions to create one. NB: A one year FREE TRIAL is available as January 2018.

6- Once back in the Dashboard, click on “Credentials” on the left menu

7 - You will be prompted with a message. Click on “Create Credentials” and then “API Key”

8 – A key will be displayed. Copy it and paste it into your Infront Professional terminal (Advanced settings > Regional > Google Translation API key