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Infront Excel Add-in Analytics Templates

With the Infront Excel Add-in plugin, you have access to a model library containing a variety of rich Analytics excel templates. See below how you can quickly and easily get them from the Infront Excel menu:


Examples of Infront Excel Add-in Analytics templates

Infront Market Data Export

  Infront - Feeds and Field Codes

The above spreadsheet provides a comprehensive list of the data field names to be used in Excel.

Real-time Data

 Infront - Realtime Data Export

The above real time price excel spreadsheet uses the Real Time Data (RTD) link to dynamically retrieve real-time data, fundamentals and other indicators.

There is a Guide in the first tab of this template describing how the template works and how to customize it.


Dynamic Historical RTD Export

 Infront - Historical Price RTD Export

The above historical price excel spreadsheet uses the Real Time Data (RTD) link to dynamically retrieve historical prices, dividends and splits. This means that each date is dynamically updated every day.

There is a Guide in the first and second tabs of this template describing how the template works and how to customize it.


Static Historical Data by Date

 Infront - Historical Prices by Date

The above Historical Price By Date Excel spreadsheet uses Real Time Data (RTD) link to retrieve static historical prices, splits and dividends. This means that the data will not dynamically update every day, but rather be static and reference data on specific dates instead.

There is a Guide in the first and second tabs of this template describing how the template works and how to customize it.

Import Watchlists

You can import your own lists of securities including portfolio positions or weighting with symbols from all asset classes from Excel to Infront. When importing, use the template attached below this section or use the identification fields as described below.

 Import Custom Lists and Portfolios

Please follow the below directions to import your portfolio from Excel to the Infront terminal:

  1. Open a Custom List window (Ctrl+Shift+C).

  2. Right-click and select Edit | Import from Excel.

     Custom list


  3. The “Import List from Excel” window will appear. Choose the file you want to import.

    import list from Excel


Required Fields

To be able to import successfully, one or more identification fields must be available in the Excel file. There are three alternatives:

  • Feed and Symbol - This is the fastest method. It requires Infront feed code (such as OSS, SSE or NSQ) and a symbol ticker (STL, FB, AAPL)
  • ISIN - This import will return a "best guess" for instruments that trade in different currencies. Note: Add currency to disambiguate
  • ISIN and Currency

If you do not know any of the fields above they can be found in the Excel document "Feeds and Field Codes" or alternatively, in the Infront terminal by adding the field as a column to a market or custom list.


Additional fields

You can define additional fields to import details about the portfolio holdings. Note that the names of the fields in excel must match the fields defined below:

My Volume

My Weight

My AvgPrice

My Invested

My Group

Import Orders - Basket Trading

The Basket Trading module gives you the possibility to define any number of orders locally that can be sent in one go - a basket of orders.

To open a new Basket Trading window you open up the Main Menu > Trading > Basket Trading. Start the importing process by clicking on "Import" in the header of the basket trading window and a new window will appear - "Import Basket". Browse the excel spreadsheet you want to import by pressing the "..." button in the upper right section of the window and press import. When importing, use one of the templates attached below this section. Each template contains a different combination of order values. You can read more about what values you can use when importing baskets here.

 Infront - Basket Trading 1

 Infront - Basket Trading 2

 Infront - Basket Trading 3

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