Automate the calculation of CLOs and CDOs

The calculation of CLOs faces institutional asset managers with huge challenges such as the complexity of the valuations themselves, which involves additional personnel and processes and therefore more costs. Furthermore, the independence of internal valuations is sometimes viewed critically by auditors. In the case of externally calculated CLOs, transparency with regard to comprehensive vendor management is often lacking if more than one external provider is involved in the calculation.

How we can help you

With our solutions, you can save internal costs, efforts and cut vendor risks. Infront Quant will provide you with always up-to-date valuations of the highest standard with full transparency.

Your benefits

  • One-stop shop service provider for the independent valuation of either plain or complex structured (OTC) instruments.
  • Full transparency approach, meaning you can always contact our Infront Quant experts directly and dig into the calculation model, assumptions and factors or you use the audit reports produced for the evaluation per instrument.
  • You talk to highly experienced Infront Quant staff, who are constantly trained on the newest valuation models.
  • The optional delivery of price data and valuations for more liquid instruments can be booked additionally at any time.

Have we sparked your interest? We look forward to get into contact with you: Oliver.Preisendoerfer(at)