Access research reports in Infront

Get access to real-time research reports

Access Research Reports in Infront

Infront provides access to research from several providers in the Infront Professional Terminal to buy-sides. 

Reports delivered in real-time with customizable display

Access research reports in real-time together with other market data in the Infront Professional Terminal. In order to get everything in one place, create and apply custom displays and filters to make your workflow more efficient.

Research reports are linked to symbols and include Date, Analyst, Industry and more. The Infront Professional Terminal includes archive functions in order to look at previous reports. 

Request access from the providers directly from the terminal in real-time

For the selection of the providers, you can access the free preview of the reports. If you want full access you need to be a customer of Infront and request access to the research via the MyProfile functions. If the request is approved you will have access to the full reports in real-time. 


Selection of providers

  • ABG Sundal Collier
  • ABG Sponsored/Introduce
  • Arctic Securities
  • Carnegie Investment Bank
  • Danske Bank
  • Edison
  • Handelsbanken Capital Markets
  • Inderes
  • Morningstar funds research
  • Morningstar equity research
  • Pareto Securities
  • Proactive Investors
  • SEB Equities
  • SEB Equities Sponsored


How to access

  • In order to get access use the MyProfile service in the terminal