BUSINESS WIRE: LINK Mobility and Adobe Team up to Transform Digital Marketing Landscape


OSLO, Norway --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 01.09.2021 --

LINK Mobility and Adobe have collaborated on mobile messaging for over 15 years, notably with the supply of a messaging connector (formerly Netsize) integrated with Adobe Campaign. Today, LINK Mobility has reached a new milestone by developing a specific Omnichannel API, which allows Adobe Journey Optimizer – a new application natively built on Adobe Experience Platform – to access its omnichannel messaging tools. With this integration, brands and marketers can now easily use LINK Mobility real-time messaging tools within their campaigns.

Adobe Journey Optimizer has a real-time customer profile that integrates data from across the customer experience beyond marketing data. It also actively listens for signals from customer interactions and behavior, as well as business data to initiate and update customer journeys in real-time. Thus each customer has a completely different journey at their own pace.

Marketers see positive impacts on their customers’ experience by communicating in real-time with the right message, on the right channel and with the right format.

With the high adaptability and flexibility of LINK Mobility Omnichannel Messaging API, this integration allows Adobe Journey Optimizer users to prioritize a preferred communication channel (RCS, Rich SMS, SMS, Viber, etc.) based on mobile phone compatibility and/or users preferences. Users can also engage in both one-way and two-way conversations.

Customer preference for specific communication channels has never been so fragmented as today.This integration brings real value to customers looking to use LINK Mobility for messaging alongside the capabilities of Adobe Journey Optimizer.

This synergy opens up new opportunities for brands and marketers benefiting from the expertise of Adobe and LINK Mobility.

About LINK Mobility

LINK is one of Global leading providers of mobile messaging and CPaaS solutions serving enterprise, SME, and government customers. LINK offers innovative and scalable solutions that create valuable digital convergence between businesses and customers, governments and citizens, platforms, and users. LINK has 40,000 customers globally and exchanges more than 10 billion messages a year.

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