Nyhetsbyrån Direkt gives a Swedish/Nordic perspective on the world’s financial markets

Nyhetsbyrån Direkt is a financial news agency covering global markets with a Swedish/Nordic focus. With the largest financial news editorial team in the Nordics, Nyhetsbyrån Direkt’s journalists deliver a constant flow of exclusive market-moving news, supplemented by news from our partners in the Nordic region and globally. We monitor companies and macros including politics and labor markets, stocks, derivatives, fixed income, bonds, currencies, commodities and funds.

Nyhetsbyrån Direkt offers news flows that are tailor-made for professionals in sales, trading, analytics and treasury as well as for private investors, media, associations and government authorities. As a trusted, well-informed news provider to the media, our news has become a cornerstone on leading business sites and newspapers.

In addition to online news, we have a growing TV and studio operations with daily updates on markets and trading. We also produce educational programs and themed programs on companies, industries, funds and sustainability. Our programs reach the entire market through our established distribution channels.

Nyhetsbyrån Direkt is the benchmark for real-time financial news in the Nordics and the go-to source for anyone who wants to stay on top of news influencing the Nordic markets. Founded in 1988, Nyhetsbyrån Direkt has grown to be the news service of choice among professionals as well as private investors in the Swedish financial market.

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