Exchanges and data providers on Infront


Infront provides all information as is. All data shown on the world map on is at least 15 minutes delayed. You must not redistribute information displayed on or provided by Infront AS. Data is provided for information purposes only, and is not intended for trading purposes. Infront is not liable for any errors or delays in content, or for any actions taken in reliance on any content.

  • Data for New York is the US NYSE 100 provided by the New York Stock Exchange
  • Data for Toronto is the TSX Composite Index provided by Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Data for London is the BATS UK 100 provided by BATS Europe
  • Data for Paris is the CAC40 provided by Euronext
  • Data for Frankfurt is DAX provided by Deutche Börse
  • Data for Shanghai is the Shanghai Composite Index provided by Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Data for Tokyo is the Nikkei 225 provided by Nikkei Indices
  • Data for Sydney is the ASX 200 is provided by ASX Sydney